With the help of cXplore you will ...

... capture customer experiences in real time in their relevant context.
... identify your customers' motivations and needs.
... effortlessly and efficiently let your customers participate in the product development process.

What is cXplore?

cXplore is an innovative customer experience research & co-creation platform. It lets you keep in touch with your customers over an extended period of time and collect valuable qualitative insights and ideas for product and brand experiences.

What's special about cXplore?

Unlike conventional survey software, cXplore is optimised for qualitative longitudinal studies. With specifically designed features, cXplore encourages study participants to give more in depth replies and more creative contributions.

Analyse experiences in real time
Multimedia documentation of customer experiences - discussion boards, collages, blogs
Shape new services and customer experiences together
Tailored for your needs

cXplore thrives on the creativity of researchers who're able to encourage participants to reflect more deeply on their experiences. We developed a number of methodological approaches, that can be adapted to your research question.

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Insights into cXplore

cXplore is smartphone & tablet ready
Study participants document their experiences with text and photos
Tasks can be assigned to individual study participants

There are numerous use cases for cXplore

Log experiences anytime, anywhere

  • Target Audience Analyses / Ethnographies
  • Brand Perception / Image Analyses
  • Touchpoint Experiences
  • Product Launch Monitoring

Illuminate processes from a customer's point of view

  • with mobile diary studies
  • to analyse purchase journeys
  • and customer journeys

Develop new products and services together with your customers with cXplore's

  • discussion forums
  • collages
  • co-creation settings

A Closer Look at cXplore's Features

Task-based Studies with Interaction Management

  • Multiple diary / questionnaire tasks over an extended period of time
  • Edit tasks directly in our mobile app on a phone or tablet, or on a computer
  • Separately schedule how long tasks are visible and/or editable
  • Custom answer formats specifically for documenting experiences
  • Image uploads are possible in any task
  • Videos and other media are easily embeddable
  • Automated reminders
  • Handy calendar feature
  • All question / answer formats which are standard in modern online questionnaire framework

Integrated Creativity Tools

  • Integrated whiteboard to create collages and emotion maps
  • Idea Blog
  • Discussion forum makes communication between participants easy

State-of-the-art Technology

  • Optimised for all relevant screen sizes
  • Mobile app available for Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones
  • Modular and flexible, it can be adapted to fit a wide range of use cases
  • Custom design / branding on request

Step by step to perfect customer insights

We develop a custom-made study design, and customise cXplore to suit your needs.

Setting up the Study

  • Individual study set-ups with diaries, co-creation and gamification tasks

Executing the study

  • Display tasks in a scripted sequence
  • Participants receive reminders via email or text message

Create and Collaborate

  • Collect new ideas in group discussions
  • Create collages on a virtual whiteboard

Data Analysis

  • Chronological analysis of experiences
  • Come to understand customer journeys
  • Assess collected ideas

Strategically Design Customer Experiences

  • Experience Design that is adapted for your brand strategy and customer needs

Selected case studies

Which research questions have our customers answered with cXplore? Here you'll find a few select examples.

Who is behind cXplore?

cXplore is a joint project of poolpilots (Austria) and intervista (Switzerland).

intervista AG(Bern)

intervista is an innovative market research institute with an emphasis on quantitative and qualitative online research.

Your contact in Swizerland

Christoph Wüthrich
+41 31 511 39 01

Christoph Wüthrich

poolpilots GmbH(Vienna)

Strategy consultants for digital business transformation and conception.

Your contact in Austria and outside Swizerland

Philipp Bergh
+43 680 2403553

Philipp Bergh

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